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, from florida state university. >> fsu, go noles. doak campbell, you and me and a couple of beers. >> caller: visa, itc, enterprise product partners, lockheed martin and aig. >> really interesting. that's a very interesting portfolio. i just want to be sure. i'm trying to come up with an average yield in my head of what we have got there. all right all right all right. okay, so we have got visa which we know is not a financial. that is a paper to plastic play. itc, that's a regular utility. it's got not as big a yield as i thought. lockheed martin. a defense. aig reported tonight. be aware, that is a big position for my charitable trust. and enterprise product partners which i wish was a position that has done a fantastic job. we have insurance company, we have a check to credit card play. utility and defense company. some might think that aig is too much like visa, that someone would be wrong. go to b.t. in colorado. >> caller: a great sand dunes national park boo-yah to ya. >> i'll give you a nuggets lost to sixers boo-yah. >> caller: my portfolio is diversified. gld, boeing, eb
. let's get out to angus campbell. longman not reacting right now. >> no, there are a couple of stocks that have reacted relatively mutedly to the open. but that hasn't affected the broader market, which of course we were calling to open lower throughout the evening and up until sort of an hour and a half ago, futures starting to tick higher. and actually the open has been even better than that we're up some sort of 15 points or so in the ftse. a couple of some important stocks. we've been focusing on bp, well up over 3%, better than some opening kals for that stock, as well. an it's really very much a refining story of course for a lot of these oil producers. we have seen refining margins improving globally on the whole, but i think that these figures really took a few people by surprise, weren't expecting them to be anywhere near as good. of course the refining margin maker increasing dramatically over the quarter and that has been the main driver behind it earnings today. so of course very good news, as well, that they've increased the dividend by some 12.5%. so very good news story
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2